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I have been a therapist for over 25 years, having completed my graduate work at New York University. I was a teacher for 10 years, with a masters degree in education from Michigan State University. I learned in teaching that we need to capitalize on our strengths. I believe this serves us well in the therapeutic process.



My vision is to enhance the lives of people so that they can be free from the anxieties and fears that limit them. 

I believe that healing occurs in the context of a trusting relationship. Given that everyone is unique, I will draw on the best method for each situation including: mindfulness, attachment theory, and a psychodynamic approach.


Having worked in the counseling arena for over 25 years I have developed a vast network of healthcare professionals. I am able to draw from these experts as well provide books and articles to my clients.


I consider it a privilege to be a part of your journey. Being in a genuine, caring therapeutic relationship can be the catalyst for change. My office is a safe place to explore your authentic self and grow.

Those who have worked with me during my 27 years of practice have said I am compassionate, warm, caring, and non-judgmental. I consider myself well versed in dealing with many issues, including anxiety, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder. I also do marriage counseling/couples counseling to help people enhance their relationships. I have a history of over 25 years working with those in conflict. My specialties include infertility, pregnancy loss, and adoption. I was the Director of a major adoption agency in the tri-state area and supervised many clinicians.

I became a teacher after college. I learned from my students that it is important to capitalize on our strengths. While teaching for 10 years and earning a Master’s Degree in Education from Michigan State University, I developed a fascination with the psychology of the individual. This led me to study at Loyola University of Chicago and complete my Master’s in Social Work at New York University. 

I am available to those wanting to explore issues of spirituality. So many are searching for meaning, asking themselves why they are here, and what they are meant to do. I approach this topic from YOUR perspective, helping you to find the answers that resonate for you. 

I offer free telephone consults before our first meeting. I strive to make therapy affordable and have a sliding fee scale. I want our first in person session to be one where we see if we “connect”. 

You will find a safe, nurturing place to grow, as I strive to be a healing influence in your journey. 

Nancy Dykstra-Powers, LCSW

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